GIGABYTE is the leader in the motherboard industry regarding the introduction of many new technologies, standards and services. All new technologies introduced by GIGABYTE e.g. all-solid-caps and 2-once-cupper PCB are directed to increase the quality level and to assure that we offer our customers a long life product with the lowest RMA.
At the latest, since the launch of the Ultra-Durable technology, GIGABYTE has continually reinforced its boards to become even more durable and stable. GIGABYTE has introduced the Black Edition with it's 168h function- and performance benchmark, which is totally unique in the current desktop motherboard industry! Only the long lasting and sustainable trust of our customers is an assurance for a huge and expanding community.
Exactly this trust is so important for GIGABYTE. Given this trust, GIGABYTE will decide on a fair and customer oriented handling policy when it comes to the exchange of the motherboards within the upgrade warranty.

All information in the below FAQ list are targeted to explain exchange procedures among others and to maintain that all possible situations are clear for everybody. GIGABYTE is aware of the fact, that this list cannot deliver answers for questions of every kind. In the case that GIGABYTE missed a question in this FAQ, please send your question to

Many thanks.

2 for 1? Will I get 2 boards if I buy one?

With this promotion, we would like to offer to end-users a kind of investment warranty which saves money for the second board of the following generation chipset.
For example, the customer buys today a new board of the Z97-Black-Edition-series for the current price. The second board he/she can request from GIGABYTE within 3 years. This second board is then free-of-charge for the customer. So this means that the customer can use 2 different boards from 2 different chipset generations (e.g. 10er, 11er etc.)
GIGABYTE will then request back the board from the Z97-Black-Edition-series. Physically the customer has always only one board in use but in reality he can use 2 different boards, one after the other, for the price of one.

How long is this promotion is valid?

The new GIGABYTE warranty is intended to add a new product feature to all boards of the Z97 Black Edition line. Therefore, this product feature is connected to the life cycle of these boards.
Aside from all of this, GIGABYTE is free in their decision to change all kinds of voluntary features and services at any time without notice.

How does this work with the upgrade? Is it valid only for higher and more expansive boards?

Upgrade free of charge means, that e.g. the GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK will be exchanged without extra charge against the direct successor, probably the GA-x10x-UD3H-BK. But GIGABYTE also offers an upgrade against higher SKUs e.g. the GA-x10x-UD5H-BK. Here the customer has to pay just the difference between his original purchase price and the suggested street price of the new board.

How long does it takes to get back the new board after sending in the original purchased board?

GIGABYTE will ship the new exchange board to the customer within 2 working days if all conditions for this exchange are met. For example, if the customer has to pay a difference amount for an unequal upgrade (UD3H-BK against UD5H-BK), this amount must be booked prior to the GIGABYTE bank account.
GIGABYTE will also offer a pre-swap service to eliminate unnessary waiting times and or delays for the end-customer. To use this service, the customer has to pay the complete price of the new board as a down-payment to GIGABYTE's bank account. After GIGABYTE receives the board back from the customer in the expected condition (functional and with the carton box and all accessories), the money will be credited completely.

If I cannot send the accessories or the color box is missing, do I have to pay an extra fee for this?

Following the conditions and terms for this upgrade service, the customer has to send the exchange board to GIAGYBTE with the original carton and all included accessories. In case that within the 3 years of usage for example, the customer loses a cable and or connector, GIGABYTE will handle the exchange in a fair and customer oriented matter. Even if the customer loses or presents the original carton in a less than suitable condition complete with missing accessories, GIGABYTE will find a fair solution in that singular case.

I need my computer for daily work and cannot afford to miss the board for a longer period of time. How can I get a super fast exchange be assured?

To avoid any delays in the exchange process, GIGABYTE will offer all customers a SWAP in advance. In order to receive the new board before the "old" board has been sent back to GIGABYTE, the customer must pay the price of the new board prior to GIGABYTE's bank account (based on suggested street price from the current price list). GIGABYTE will pay back this amount in full once the Z97-Black-Edition board has been received back from the customer in the aforementioned condition.

  Can I also send back a defective motherboard for exchange within this 3 year period?

Of course, GIGABYTE will handle a case under technical warranty together with the request for exchange simultaneously in this case. The requirement for this case is that no condition applies under paragraph "Warranty exclusions".

  After I have received the upgraded motherboard, will the warranty still be applicable?

The 60-month warranty starts with the purchase date of the registered Z97-Black-Edition-mainboard. This warranty is valid for both boards, the originally purchased and the exchanged board and will not be extended due to the SWAP. If the customer e.g. requests the board on the last day of the 3 year period then the customer still has 2 years warranty remaining for the new board.